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The Story Of The Tree Giant That Was No Giant At All

by findus

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I Forgot My Name But At Least I Still Know Yours Once upon a time in an unknown world to us, there was a tree giant, living live wandering through enchanted woods where it would feel save and home. The giant was so huge, it could look beyond the crowns of the trees it passed with ease. And as the huge tree walked on, enjoying the sunset, feeling a cool breeze upon its branches and making its leaves giggle in joy, the tree noticed a little fairy, flying around one of its branches. - Who are you? Have you lost your way? - the tree giant asked. But the fairy did not answer. Instead it sat down and just looked into what could be the trees eyes and started crying. The tree giant felt a little uneasy, not knowing how to deal with this new situation. - I am the tree giant. It is nice to meet you. - He tried to make a conversation. And it worked. The fairy stopped crying and answered the tree giant with what most of us would call a smile. - I forgot my name. But at least I still know yours. -
If You Were A Tree, You Would Surely Be A Beautiful One From now on, the fairy and the tree giant evolved an unusual friendship. During the day, when the trees rest, the fairy hid in its crown, sleeping tight underneath its leaves. It could even feel her soft breath and her tiny arms, cuddling with his branches. During the night, when the trees walk, they told each other stories from another time, when fables did not have to hide from the growing darkness inside their hearts. Nobody knew where it came from or how to stop it. By now, it had erased a thousands of the fables populating the woods and fields and reduced their number to a minimum. As time passed, the tree giant felt something warm settling deep inside its trunk, making his heart bump faster as it has done for centuries. He felt love. And in the dawn, when they both went to sleep, the fairy heard the tree giant's leaves, softly whispering into her little ear. - If you were a tree, you would surely be a beautiful one. -
Gizmo 09:17
Gizmo When they woke at sunset, the fairy layed spread-angled under her blanket of leaves and smiled. As she yawned heartly, an owl flew by the crown of the tree. It looked old and tired as if it had a long journey on his back. - Hello, who are you, Mister? - The fairy asked curiously. The owl landed on the branch and looked at her with its big yellow eyes. - My name is not known by many and forgotten by most. – The fairy looked a bit confused at the owl which made the appearance beeing quite amused about the whole situation. - Just call me Gizmo, little one. And who might you be, I wonder? I haven't seen many fairies left here in these woods. With the darkness came the great oblivion. The fables began to lose their names and dissapeared. You, my little friend might just be the first one I have seen in decades! - And as the fairy couldn't answer the owl looked at her sadly and slowly moved on.
Your Green Blanket As time passed by, the two travellers passed dozens of woods and lakes. At night they walked, by dawn they rested. One night, while the fairy was flying around looking for some flowers and plants to put on the tree giant's crown, she discovered that three of her fingers began to become transparent. She stumbled and fell, as she felt a little tear softly running down her cheeks. Inside her she felt a cold dark place slowly growing where her heart should be. Not far away, a single bird sung his song while the little fairy hurried back to the tree in panic. The tree giant was standing in front of a lake, feeding on the sun. Suddenly he recognized the fairy wildly flying back into his branches. - What is wrong, my little friend? - The tree giant asked gently. - Is there something I can do for you? - The fairy looked up. As she put some flowers on to his crown, she mumbled. - When I leave, cover me with your green Blanket. -
Tears May Tear The World Apart When Death And Faith Collapse One night they came by a big area, naked and dead, with thousands of tree stumps standing on black, grey earth. The tree giant halted in sheer pain, shaken by this monstrous view. - What in the name of all we are could do such a thing? - The fairy asked. The giant did not answer at first. As he started to slowly move on to get past this miserable place he touched the fairy's tiny little hands with one of the thousand green leaves primping the tree's crown and whispered deeply, - This place was once that of a great wizard. He was infected with the same darkness that haunts us all. And when oblivion finally swallowed him, the magic that filled this place vanished with his disappearance, leaving only death behind. This will be our fate too one day. - The moon shone bright and clear while unmasking the silence that had overcome the woods. And as the fairy leeched on to the tree's branches, she silently whispered, her voice filled with pain. - I don't want to leave. -
Tiny Little Wings Days had passed and meanwhile half of the fairies body had disappeared. Sadness had come over the unusual relationship between the fairy and the tree giant. One day, when the two travellers walked by a river, the fairy began to sing a verse of an old song she had known since she was a little child. - On this glowing road, our way is long, Forgotten have we, there is never a return, Still looking for a place where we would belong, Our empty hearts will burn. Lonely shall we never be, Or forever will we search, Found peace I have at last through thee, My heart is home as we converge. - As the fairy sung her song the wooden branches oscillated softly. And with the last syllable leaving the fairies little mouth the rest of her body began to dissapear. She looked into the eyes of the tree giant with a single tear running down her cheek until there was nothing left of her except her tiny little wings.
Living Without A Purpose Is The Only Purpose Of Living For nights and days the tree had wandered through the woods, lonely and without a purpose. Where once had been warmth and a heartbeat, there was now nothing but silence and cold. Meanwhile, the trees leaves hat gone yellow and orange. The tree giants journey was about to end. And so the tree decided not to wander anymore and halted on a hill, never to continue again. After three nights the tree's leaves began to fall. After five nights the tree began to shrink. After a year there was now but a single tree, standing on a hill with little buds put forth. Its old heart had become silent but on its mighty crown there were two tiny little wings shining brightly, reflecting the rays of the sun. A deer was taking a nap at it's trunk and three birds were sitting on it's branches, singing their songs joyfully. So goes the story of the tree giant that finally was no giant at all.


This album is intended to be a story, so there is a part of the story in the lyrics section of the songs, each fitting to the name of the song.
It contains five songs taken from older albums which have been remastered and slightly rearranged as well as two new songs.
Produced and released by findus.
The story is also written by findus.


released January 1, 2016


all rights reserved



findus Austria

neoclassical/ambient bedroom project // vienna

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